A taste for change.
Relevance is everything.

Written by: Tim McCleary, Chief Experience Officer

I’m painfully aware of the fact that it’s summer here in the U.S., based on the record-breaking heatwave we’ve experienced. Given this, it’s a good time for a lighter read – lighter fare, if you will.

I’ve been hearing a lot lately about avocado toast. That’s so 2010, right? But still, it’s all the rage at the local breakfast spots in town. So much so, Google suggests “avo toast near me” as the second search entry when on the hunt for some.

So, how is it possible that it has only hit my radar now?

It’s likely for the same reason you didn’t notice all the MINI Coopers or Volkswagen Beetles on the road – until you began shopping for one.

It all comes down to relevance. We become more aware of the things around us, when they have an impact on us.

I was leading a session with a leadership team earlier this month. A question came up about why people, early in their careers, are disconnected from the strategy of the business at which they work.

If you think about your first job or two, did you know the strategy of the business that employed you? I think you’d shake your head no to that.

This is what makes change activation so relevant today. To help every employee understand their organization’s business strategy, we must start with just that – deep understanding.

And the best part: this doesn’t have to be a boring exercise. Just like making avocado toast, it’s part art and part science. A little creativity goes a long way in helping people understand what’s most important to your business success, so that they can own and activate.

Now, go and enjoy summer and some avo toast. (I have a great recipe for you, if you’d like.)

Thanks for being involved today.

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