When you get your people involved, change will happen.

Change is hard.

That’s why the Involvement Practice was created more than 15 years ago. We believe there’s a better way to ignite change and there are better ways to sustain it — whether in-person or virtually.

Our team in the Involvement Practice at Urban Emu design and facilitate live and virtual experiences that build deep understanding, ownership and activation of desired changes across teams, organizations and communities.

We keep our approach simple.

It’s a deliberate blend of strategy and creativity. But most importantly – it works. Learn about our three-step approach, below.

1. Understand

What’s really going on in your culture? Annual employee research and pulse surveys are good. Our culture diagnostic is better. We’ll capture the voice of your employees, analyze their candid input and share a high-level activation plan with you. Next, we’ll get your employees deeply involved, creating clear understanding of the need driving the change in your culture.

2. Own

Once your people understand the need for change, we will help them own it. No need for PowerPoint here. We’ll design and deliver live or virtual immersive experiences that will help each person in your organization find their unique role in the change – from the security desk to the office of the CEO.

3. Activate

This is where it gets fun. We’ll help your team members build new habits (new ways of working, if you will) that become the norms for your culture. Through deep employee involvement, your people will feel heard, understood, proud and ready to live the change. After all, this is where they work. Let’s empower them to make it a GREAT place.

There’s undeniable impact in letting your people feel the pain or opportunity of change for themselves.

That’s why the change programs we design are experiential and immersive.

Change Activation

Seventy percent of all internal changes fail. With so many people working virtually today, the challenges are even more complex.

Culture Diagnostic

Bring into sharp focus the strengths and areas of needed improvement within your culture.

Do you ever feel that you can’t see the forest for the trees? This can happen when you’re working within the very culture you’re trying to shift. That’s where we can help. Our virtual culture diagnostic brings into sharp focus the strengths and areas of needed improvement within your culture. Through it, we capture candid, authentic input from your employees.

And, don’t worry about poring through spreadsheets when we’re done. We’ll package the results in an easy-to-read format that provides a clear picture of your culture. And the best part, we’ll have it summarized — and include a high-level action plan, within a week of wrapping the study.

Culture Change

Build the momentum for your shift from within.

Does the thought of changing the culture within your organization send shivers up your spine? That’s not surprising. After all, studies show that 70% of all internal changes within organizations fail. When you add up the time, effort and budget invested – that’s a daunting statistic.

Culture change sends shivers up our spines, too. But not for the same reason. We’re invigorated by the opportunity to put you in the good company of the 30% of successful change efforts. Our culture activation approach builds the momentum for your shift from within. Much like a pebble dropped into a still pond, our programs create ripples of energy throughout your organization that build daily.

By involving employees at all levels, deep understanding of the need for change is built and organic buy-in is created throughout your organization.

Brand Activation

Ditch the PowerPoint. We’ll help your people own your brand and bring it to life authentically.

Creating a new brand strategy and visual expression requires a thoughtful, creative approach. It’s both challenging and invigorating all at once. But what often gets overlooked in the process is the need for internal activation to make it authentic – for employees and your target audience.

Brand Involvement® is a proprietary approach developed at the Involvement Practice. It’s been proven in organizations of 30 to 300,000 people. It immerses employees in either the brand opportunity or pain point so that the understanding and ownership of the need to act differently is crystal clear. When your employees fully understand the connection between your brand, your culture and your business strategy, it will be experienced in everyday interactions with your target audience and paid back in growth.

Experiences & Meetings

We create live and virtual team building experiences and off-site meetings that are as unique as your people.

Team Building

Live and virtual experiences or meetings can take a team to new levels – increased productivity, focus and connection.

Thoughtfully designed experiences can unearth hidden talents and build new creative alliances that boost job satisfaction and team effectiveness. Even if you’re unable to meet in-person, don’t let that stand in your way of deepening the connections across your team. We design both live and virtual team building experiences and off-site meetings. They are high energy, purposeful and always focused on action.

Just tell us your three objectives or desired outcomes. We’ll design the experience, help you choose the perfect meeting technologies, produce the needed materials and deliver it for you with a team of involvers who are passionate about seeing teams come alive and thrive!

Leadership Summits

We boldly break the rules when it comes to working with leaders.

PowerPoint decks and speeches have their place and can be an important awareness-building tool, but if you’re going to spend the time and money to bring your leaders together, they need ­– and deserve, much more to inspire them to act.

We shift the focus from passive consumption of presentations to the active involvement of the participants. We know how to honor the knowledge in the room to equip your leaders to inspire their teams.

And — we do it live and virtually. We can start with a first draft of your meeting agenda – or a blank sheet of paper. Either way, we’ll work with you to design and deliver an experience that will leave your leaders energized, ready to take action and focused on results.

Visual Involvement

The brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text!

Virtual Graphic Recording

Boost understanding and action during and after your next meeting, conference or strategy session.

More than 90% of information that comes to the brain is visual, and 83% of human learning occurs visually. So, how can you help your people understand and act upon the information that matters most? Capture and deliver it visually. We call it visual involvement.

Our visual involvers are the very best in the industry. They turn the spoken word into powerful visual metaphors that create visual snapshots of the information you need your team to understand – and process, 60,000 times faster. And they do it live – in the meeting room with you. We guarantee your people will see what you’re saying.

Animated “Whiteboard” Videos

An animated video is an engaging communication tool to tell your story.

Whether it’s a new product or service launch – or a new set of values or system for your employees, an animated video is a powerful way to communicate a simple and engaging message that will draw your target audience into your story.

We’ll kick things off by engaging you and your key stakeholders in a visual session that will produce a concise outline of your message. From the “hook” to your “call to action,” we’ll capture it all as a visual story arc that becomes the basis for the script.

Then, we’ll keep you involved in our streamlined process to provide input and approval of every step along the way – from the script writing to the storyboards, sound effects to the music bed, to ensure the video creates the action you seek.

“Our team appreciated the collaborative, creative approach. One participant said it was the most engaging experience they’d had in 20 years at our company!”

Chief Marketing Officer | Fortune 500 Company

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