Is it a barrier to hitting your target?

Written by: Tim McCleary, Chief Experience Officer

When I walked into our local Target store on Sunday night, it was abuzz with activity. It felt like the holiday season, and yet it was only the end of August.

I watched as a dad attempted to juggle an impossible stack of school supplies in his arms, a look of bewilderment on his face. In another corner of the same department, a young girl dragged her mom along by the hand, darting from shelf to shelf to get the things on her list.

And then, there were the check-out lines that looked like an eight-lane highway during rush hour. They stretched and weaved into the store, as far as the eye could see.

Yes, it was the night before back-to-school.

Surely these people knew this day was coming – for the better part of two months now. And yet, there was a feeling of panic in the air as they raced to pick up supplies for the first day of the school season.

Were these families asleep at the wheel? Not at all. They were practicing the time-honored tradition of procrastination. Life got in the way of planning.

As kids return to school, traffic patterns change and you get back in the groove of your fast-paced life, it’s a good time to think about the changes you need to make, so they don’t sneak up on you like the return to the classroom.

What action or change have you placed on the procrastination list? As shared in our recent post, taking one small step – even a seemingly horizontal one, represents progress toward achieving your goal.

The key is to start – somewhere. And, my best advice: avoid the night before the deadline like the frantic parents in that Target store.

As always, we’re here to help you find the place to start and be successful with the activation of your change.

Thanks for being involved today.

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