The Rule of Three.
How to look and sound better in virtual meetings.

Written by: Tim McCleary, Chief Experience Officer

There’s a design principle known as the “Rule of Three.” It suggests that items grouped in threes are more appealing to the eye.

This is also an easy way to remember that there are three items that can vastly improve how you look and sound in virtual meetings and events.

  1. Camera – Adding a good external webcam will immediately improve the quality of your video image over the output from your device’s built-in camera. External webcams can auto-adjust focus as you move, compensate for lighting conditions and some include apps with tools that allow you to adjust the angle of view from wide to narrow enabling you to choose how much of your environment your camera “sees.”
  2. Mic – Like your device’s onboard camera, the built-in mic is inferior in quality to the sound delivered from an external USB mic. And the best part, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to hear an improvement. If your device has USB-C ports, a simple adaptor can convert the mic’s cable for easy connection to your device of choice.
  3. Light – Good lighting lets your camera do its job properly, and will make you look your best. Ring lights have become popular and inexpensive. The larger the diameter of the light, the softer the effect as the light will wrap around your face. They come with a floor stand, but can easily be attached to your workspace, using a desk clamp stand.

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