Tim McCleary

Chief Experience Officer

As Urban Emu’s Chief Experience Officer, Tim is an activator of culture change and brand. He is the architect of Brand Involvement®, a proprietary approach to building understanding, ownership and activation of a brand. In addition, he is an in-demand experience designer and facilitator – both in person and virtually.

Prior to joining Urban Emu, Tim was the founder and managing director of The Involvement Practice, a change activation firm guiding clients in the U.S. and globally to create real change through out-of-the-box brand activation, culture change and team building.

Tim was Global Director of Brand and Design for GE, where he managed the re-branding that inspired and empowered GE’s 311,000 employees around the globe to live their brand daily.

In his relentless pursuit to master communications in all forms, he also was a commercial photographer in Toronto and L.A., communications consultant for Bell Canada, publicity copywriter for NBC, internal communications counselor for AAA and media relations strategist for Warner Bros. He returned to NBC to create the New Media and Photography department, Hollywood’s ​​first all-digital entertainment publicity delivery system, before being promoted to parent company, GE, to manage its digital presence and brand.

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