A better human experience starts at the intersection of technology, creativity and change activation.

Human-Centered Approach

As clients and businesses evolve, so do our services, and fast. We put an incredible amount of attention and focus on ensuring our service offering is modern and relevant through a human-centered approach.

Whether it’s creating a new brand identity, building a product or platform from the ground up, rethinking an existing website or app, or defining and executing a campaign to drive real growth, we pride ourselves on never getting comfortable.

Why Human-Centered Design? Read more on how this approach can improve your product or service.


With research in hand, we help our clients map a better way to define and achieve their key priorities.

• UX/UI Strategy
• Digital Strategy
• Brand Strategy
• Prospect Definition
• Company & Product Naming

• Competitive Analysis
• Culture & Brand Alignment
• Team & Culture Development
• Product Development


We immerse ourselves in our client’s world, challenging ourselves to ask and explore better questions on their behalf.

• Facilitated Workshops
• Market Insights
• Qualitative Research
• Quantitative Research
• Market Research

• User Research
• Immersion
• Customer & Community Interviews
• Brand Surveys
• Competitive Landscape Analysis


Life gives you one chance to make a first impression. Our goal-oriented design strategies and visual solutions make that moment—and every moment that follows—count. Better experiences look and feel right.

• User Experience
• User Interface
• Interactive Prototyping
• Branding

• Video & Animation
• Event Design
• Digital Transformation Design
• Traditional & Non-Traditional Advertising

Heuristic Evaluation

Engineering & Development

When it comes to digital, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Literally. We architect, build and manage high-impact software and systems for web, mobile and wearable devices. Better experiences work from the inside out.

• Project Management
• API Development
• App Development
• Web Development
• Wearables
• Voice Assist

• Agile & Scrum Methodologies
• Content Management Systems (CMS)
• Learning Management Systems (LMS)
• Analytics & Data Insights
• Infrastructure, DevOps, CI/CD

Immersive Technology

Do you have a vision or idea that doesn’t seem possible with technology as you know it? We are on the forefront of emerging technology. Better experiences can go beyond the here and now.

• Virtual Reality
• Augmented Reality
• Mixed Reality

• Virtual Training & Therapy
• XR Marketing & Entertainment

Every person on the team is committed, smart, valuable, easy to work with, and personable.

Founder | DC Public Relations Agency

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Urban Emu is an experience agency with a fast growing team of experience designers, facilitators, strategists, researchers, UX/UI designers, and software engineers that create innovative experiences to improve and transform businesses.

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