Shop Simple with MyPlate A new USDA tool to save money while
shopping for healthy food choices.
Urban Emu Launches USDA’s First Alexa Skill
A new tool that provides nutrition tips for feeding infants and toddlers.
USDA/HHS Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2020-2025 National Response to COVID-19
Digital branding and visual identity for the Action Alliance.
iSport360 Product Redesign
User Experience Strategy & Design
USDA Start Simple with MyPlate Mobile App User Experience Discovery Session Pitter Patter Apple Watch App
User experience design, development and strategy for the first ever app that allows sharing heartbeats.

We create brand user experiences through innovation and a human-centered
design approach.


Elevating the experience to meet user-experience expectations and needs of modern consumers.


Nutrition Evidence Systematic Reviews

Website for the NESR team of scientists from USDA’s Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion (CNPP) who have expertise in systematic review methodology.


The Link Between User Experience and Return on Investment

Written by: Urban Emu

User Experience (“UX”) is a term that describes design strategies that create the best possible experience for the customer such as on a website, in a mobile app, in a vehicle, or throughout the e-commerce checkout process.

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Urban Emu’s work was exceptional.
team delivered on time and on budget, and the app was redesigned as desired.

Ian Goldberg | CEO, iSport360

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