Top 3 Trends in Predictive Analytics in 2019

2019 will see lightning speed trends in data and technology. We’ve all heard about the internet of things until we are ready to admit a device overload. Yet less talked about is the power of predictive analytics and how it can drive user experience (UX) across multiple channels.

Double Diamond Design Process

When it comes to product development, there is an important distinction you need to make: either design the “right” product, or design products right.

One Smart Move: Hire a UX Team

Does it work for the user? That’s the most important question a designer asks. Your business can’t achieve its goals if people struggle to use the product.

The Future of UX Design

In the future, almost every device will be smart – we’ve already seen a huge proliferation of smart devices – from smart printers to smart refrigerators – as part of the Internet of Things (IoT) trend.

The Impact of User Experience, Today and Tomorrow

User experience happens whether we do anything or not. Both good and bad user experiences result from some effort at shaping the initial experience; however, the chances of having a positive user experience are definitely increased with the right efforts.

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