The Significance of Cultural and Social Factors in Experience Design

Written by: Patrick Kesler

In an increasingly interconnected world, experience design has evolved from a mere aesthetic endeavor to a complex discipline that demands a deep understanding of cultural and social factors.

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The Involvement Practice (now part of Urban Emu)

Written by: Tim McCleary

My team and I have spent the past 15 years dedicating our work to activating change within organizations ranging from public companies of 300,000 employees to non-profits with a staff of 10.

Why UI & UX design are critical for your startup

Written by: Urban Emu

Many startups struggle to create an effective online presence, especially when multiple competitors dominate their niche. That’s where good User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design comes in.

Zapping “Zoom fatigue.” Five simple tips.

Written by: Tim McCleary

How often have you felt completely drained, sometimes after less than an hour, while participating in a virtual meeting? Studies have shown that there are some basic reasons this happens. More importantly, there are simple ways to prevent it.

Light. Camera. Sound. Quality equipment, at a reasonable price.

Written by: Tim McCleary

Virtual meetings have become an everyday occurrence and an important communication tool as we continue to navigate the new normal of split teams — some virtual and some back in the office. But, what's the best equipment for virtual meetings and events? Here's what we use at Urban Emu.

Virtual meeting platforms: Best choice or trend?

Written by: Tim McCleary

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, leaders were forced to make some difficult decisions — fast. Among them was how to equip their employees to work virtually. We watched as some organizations and agencies raced to the trendiest offerings. We chose a different path.

The Rule of Three. How to look and sound better in virtual meetings.

Written by: Tim McCleary

There's a design principle known as the "Rule of Three." It suggests that items grouped in threes are more appealing to the eye. This is also an easy way to remember that there are three items that can vastly improve how you look and sound in virtual meetings and events.

Design for impact.

Written by: Urban Emu

More often than not, when a visitor lands on a website, they immediately have a visceral reaction – love it or leave it.

The link between user experience and return on investment

Written by: Urban Emu

User Experience (“UX”) is a term that describes design strategies that create the best possible experience for the customer such as on a website, in a mobile app, in a vehicle, or throughout the e-commerce checkout process.

What you need to know about 508 Compliance as a designer or project lead

Written by: Urban Emu

Why is 508 Compliance important? If you’ve taken a ride on a bus or looked for a place to park in front of your local grocery store, you know that there are accommodations made for people with disabilities. The same holds true for people with disabilities when navigating their digital life on federal websites and applications.

Why human-centered design?

Written by: Hayden Lausell

There are many ways to go about designing a product that could revolutionize your industry. Still, the design process is essential when it comes to how successful your product will be.

Heuristic evaluation and its impact on user experience

Written by: Sarah Romeo

Even if you don’t work in the world of design, it’s possible that you’ve heard the term user experience (UX.) Lately, there has been a lot of buzz about UX and how its practices can help build better websites, apps, branding, products, and more.

How Amazon is changing the “Customer Experience”

Written by: Hayden Lausell

Amazon recently opened a modern-day grocery store to the public in Seattle, Washington, where grocery shopping is as easy as download, shop, and go. That’s it! Amazon Go is making it possible for shoppers to not hate (maybe even love) the food store experience.

Creating connections: UX and public relations

Written by: Urban Emu

The value of user experience (UX) design isn't confined to digital products, though technology is where the practice gained prominence. The most successful business enterprises are integrating UX along the line, and public relations and communications are no exception.

“The shortest distance between two people is a story.”

Written by: Tim McCleary

Once upon a time… That’s a phrase that takes us back to our childhood. It filled us with anticipation. We knew when we heard it, a story was about to unfold. I recently heard the quote: “The shortest distance between two people is a story.”

They’re being a nudge. Again.

Written by: Tim McCleary

As the holiday season winds down, it’s worth a look at how one well-known brand used this time of the year to execute the art of the nudge –– to perfection. Did it have an impact on you?

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