The Significance of Cultural and Social Factors in Experience Design

Written by: Patrick Kesler

In an increasingly interconnected world, experience design has evolved from a mere aesthetic endeavor to a complex discipline that demands a deep understanding of cultural and social factors.

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Changing Minds and Forging Community Through Graphic Design

Written by: Nicole Hunt

Rachel Frizzell believes in the power of art and graphic design to bring people together. At Urban Emu, she uses visual storytelling to improve the way people live. Rachel embodies our culture of purpose and strives to understand the deeper meaning and mission surrounding each design she creates.

Drawing Creative Inspiration from Technology and Pop Culture

Written by: Nicole Hunt

After 30 years in the agency world, Ken has learned a thing or two about bringing creative ideas to life. A pop culture enthusiast, he draws inspiration from his lifelong love of comics and video games to develop inventive and immersive creative solutions for his clients.

Customer Experience (CX) in the Government

Written by: Randy Rodriguez

In today's fast-paced and technology-driven world, the expectations from public services have significantly evolved, paralleling the high standards set by the private sector.

Empowering Clients with Clear Communication and Trust

Written by: Nicole Hunt

We’re continuing our “Teammate Spotlight” series with an interview with Ann Rose Greenberg. Ann Rose is a web development veteran with over a decade of experience guiding government clients through the website creation process to promote behavior change and improve user experiences.

Why UI & UX design are critical for your startup

Written by: Urban Emu

Many startups struggle to create an effective online presence, especially when multiple competitors dominate their niche. That’s where good User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design comes in.

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