We design and develop digital brand experiences for web and mobile users.

We spent over a decade, helping businesses and organizations solve problems and improve their products, services, and systems through a human-centered approach.

Urban Emu focuses on quality and innovation with every project. We integrate clients’ business goals into design strategies and visual solutions that result in successful outcomes. We are passionate for intelligent, rapid and sustainable creative solutions.

Our team values a balanced understanding of usability, interaction, and visual design.

Our Core Team

Patrick Kesler

Principal, Chief Design Officer

Tim McCleary

Immersive Experience Facilitator

Joe Mastey

Chief Technology Officer

Alyssa D’Urso

Senior Designer

Will Langley

Senior Developer

Sarah Romeo

Senior Digital Designer

Maggy Giunco

Director of Client Engagement

Steve Newman

Senior Art Director

Hayden Lausell

Marketing & Creative Writing

Craig Phares

Lead Mobile Developer

Mike Melli

Lead Software Engineer

Daria Vander May

User Experience Designer

Val Sopi

Front-End Developer | UI/UX Designer

Lindsay Michael

Design Director

Brandon Tilley

Senior Software Engineer

Kyle Harter

Video and Animation

R. Phil Lewis


Jessica Renna

Senior Designer

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Our Process

Research Becomes Insight

Through intensive design research and strategic analysis, Urban Emu analyzes requirements, consumers and competitors, so that our vision is tightly aligned with business objectives.

Insights Become Ideas

We produce a range of design concepts to address the client’s challenge. We translate requirements, craft the user experience and design for rapid growth.

Ideas Become Functional

We process designs and build them for reality, facilitate testing, tweak to perfection, and launch. We then evaluate performance, act on results and iterate.

Functional Become Reality

We maintain and report success of the delivered product. With a celebratory pat on the back, we cherish our relationships and strive to offer the best product and service there is to offer.

Working With


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The Impact of User Experience, Today and Tomorrow

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