Design for Impact

More often than not, when a visitor lands on a website, they immediately have a visceral reaction – love it or leave it.

Design for Impact2022-05-08T19:32:22+00:00

Creating Connections: UX and Public Relations

Written by: Urban Emu

he value of user experience (UX) design isn’t confined to digital products, though technology is where the practice gained prominence.

Creating Connections: UX and Public Relations2022-05-08T19:44:06+00:00

Double Diamond Design Process

Written by: Daria Vander May

When it comes to product development, there is an important distinction you need to make: either design the “right” product, or design products right.

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One Smart Move: Hire a UX Team

Written by: Urban Emu

Does it work for the user? That’s the most important question a designer asks. Your business can’t achieve its goals if people struggle to use the product.

One Smart Move: Hire a UX Team2022-05-08T20:00:50+00:00

The Impact of User Experience, Today and Tomorrow

Written by: Urban Emu

User experience happens whether we do anything or not. Both good and bad user experiences result from some effort at shaping the initial experience; however, the chances of having a positive user experience are definitely increased with the right efforts.

The Impact of User Experience, Today and Tomorrow2020-06-16T04:01:03+00:00