Four Eyed Fish

Perspective is Everything.


A unique brand with a unique name

When the opportunity arises to create a brand based upon a fish with four eyes, the answer is always going to be yes. four eyed fish was not only special because of its name, but because of the expertise the founder, Jenifer Beaudean, brought to the table. Executive leadership coaching, culture development, and employee engagement are all areas of expertise you’ll find when working with Jenifer.

Together we created a unique identity that focused on the value of looking at things from different angles. Based on a centered horizontal foundation, like the fish, Jenifer approaches her challenges from a different perspective.

“If you want to have the edge in your business, true employee engagement is not a‘nice-to-have’ … It’s critical.”

Jenifer Beaudean | Founder Four Eyed Fish

As a new business owner in the professional consulting space, and with an unusual company name to boot, my brand was perhaps the single most critical piece for my new venture.

With a name like four eyed fish, llc, it was essential that the brand demonstrated a clear connection between seeing the world in a unique way and driving results for clients. Patrick and the team at Urban Emu facilitated a process that achieved this challenging objective … and then some. From logo development to the website itself, the resulting web content is digital marketing that embodies what I offer to clients, and that I am proud to display.”

Jenifer Beaudean
four eyed fish, llc Principal

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