A look forward at personalized digital design trends

Written by: Urban Emu

In case you need a quick refresher, user experience design (UX) refers to the process of designing software, apps, materials, etc. based on the feedback received from an array of customers. Given that we live in a world in which finding ways to cater to customers is vital to the success of your business, UX design is a forward-thinking way to attract and maintain your customers. Let’s take a look at how UX design is helping to pave the way for other innovative digital products.

A More Interactive Existence

We are now in the beginning stages of a new technological frontier. Given that UX design allows us to create products and apps based on the preferences of the users themselves, it seems to be paving the way for a more digital, interactive existence overall. Presently, UX design has evolved to a place in which most of their designs involve the use of smartphones, watches, tablets, and other devices as well as apps and taps on their various respective screens. While we can’t get enough of these interactive tools, they are only the tip of the iceberg. The future of UX design will include innovative technologies such as the following:

  • Hassle-Free Shopping – Although it may sound scary to some, things such as microchips are already being used in effective ways, to obtain a variety of metrics on shopping and other elements of society. While no one will be forced to participate, the future will likely involve the use of microchips and other forms of technology to help keep track of medical issues, financial information, and much more. For instance, UX design could allow us to simply walk in and out of a store without having to stop at the counter to pay for anything.
  • Heartbeat Sensors – In keeping with that notion, heartbeat sensors are another form of technology that could prove to be revolutionary with regards to keeping us all healthier and safer. For instance, a fast heart rate may trigger your devices to play classical music or meditational tracks.
  • Body-Controlled Devices – The future could also include devices that can be controlled by our body parts. Forget Alexa and Siri (although they have proven to be convenient little robots), the future of UX design will allow us to do things such as walk into a room and turn on the light or TV with the wave of a hand.

Overall, the future of UX design involves the creation of apps, devices, and more that will make your life easier and even more exciting. Removing the guesswork and middlemen, the reason UX design is such an effective method is that it allows us to find the users’ preferences before designing the product. Not only does this allow companies to save money on antiquated methods of collecting data and metrics on customers, but it also allows users to play a vital role in creating the products they crave. Either way, some of the most forward-thinking ideas have come from the use of this process. The future of UX design will include a vast array of products that are created with the views, opinions, and feedback of the customers playing a more intricate role in the process.


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