The impact of user experience, today and tomorrow

Written by: Urban Emu

User experience happens whether we do anything or not. Both good and bad user experiences result from some effort at shaping the initial experience; however, the chances of having a positive user experience are definitely increased with the right efforts.

The best efforts pay off, too, increasing conversion, satisfaction, retention and loyalty – you know, all of those things every marketing department clamors for and every successful product requires. The point? User experience matters in digital design, and it will have impact in the future as well.
Importance of User Experience

From the perspective of the user, the only thing that differentiates you from your competitors is the experience. Although “user experience” umbrellas all aspects of the user’s interaction with your company, services and products, the digital design component of those interactions has an impact, too:

  • In one survey, 52 percent of users said a bad mobile experience made them less likely to engage with a company.
  • In another study, 88 percent of online consumers said they would not to return to a site after a bad experience, and 79 percent of online shoppers admitted they’d be less likely to buy from a site again if they experienced a dissatisfying visit.
  • Another study found that 75 percent of users based the entire company’s credibility on its website design.

What this tells me is that when user experience is good, companies experience increased sales, increased customer retention, more market share and other benefits. When user experience is bad, conversions are decreased drastically.

Future Impact of User Experience on Digital Design

I remember when the Internet still was new and phones were just phones; user experience as a phrase didn’t exist, although customer service did. Already, user experience has expanded from “real-world” interactions to website engagement and mobile device integration. People expect a fully connected and ubiquitous experience from technology, which becomes more expansive every single day.

User experience in digital design will continue to expand and engage users in different ways – ways that increasingly span not only platforms but dimensions. Optimized user experience interactions will improve and increase use of natural language processing and chatbots, personal customization of controls through gestures, and virtual and augmented reality.


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